Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dude Looks Like A Lady

Adam Lambert's performance at the recent 2009 American Music Awards, created a little bit of buzz, I'd say. Feigning fellatio and kissing a male band member on a nationally televised program, may not have been the best career move, or was it? Who knows these days, with all the of the publicity stunts to get your name out there. I mean, lying and saying your son is in a run-away weather balloon, crashing a White House state dinner, leaking a video of yourself having sex, all for some shame fame.

Well it worked, because Adam Lambert, wasn't even in my world prior to this incident! Since he is a post American Idol contestant, he will soon be out of it.

But what got me in this whole Adam Lambert affair, is the reaction of people, especially woman. "Oh, he's sooooo good looking, so leave him alone." "Oh he's soooo hot!" I'm like, good looking, hot!? Please, I saw a couple of pics and the dude looks like a lady.

Are woman young and old so confused today, that they find gay men, who look, primp and carry themselves like woman, attractive?

Come on, I never heard a guy say, "Oh K.D. Lang or Ellen Degenerate, oops I meant DeGeneres are sooooo hot!" Not even the honourable mention of being attractive!!

That's because guys don't find gay women, who like like men even remotely attractive.

At least I hope not.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Michael Vick, Not So Much

Haven't heard much from Michael Vick lately? No kidding! You can't spend two years in jail and miss playing the skilled position of Quarterback, in the National Football League and just pick up playing again.

After all, football is not like ballroom dancing. No offense Emitt Smith, Michael Irvine and Jason Taylor, of Dancing With The Stars, fame.

In fact, Vicks stats were very hard to find. Two completions in six attempts for, are you ready, six yards! Now, for all the exciting rushing yards. Are you ready......twelve carries for twenty seven yards. Yes, that's a whopping 2.3 yards per carry.

If Vick was in the army, he could be reported as missing in action. The Eagles probably will no pick up his option year, which means, you've heard the rumours, Buffalo here he comes.

Friday, October 9, 2009

An Email Between Friends

Me: Are you feeling anxious, afraid, lonely, confused, suicidal, angry, guilt ridden, tired, hateful, stressed, depressed, repressed..... sounds like you have a hole deep, deep inside, that only one person can reach.....!

Friend: Who are you talking to?

Me: Everyone .......

Friend: Who is the one that can help?

Me: Jesus! He puts everything in context and perspective! For example there will never be peace in the Middle East, so we can have all the peace accords, treaties etc. It will never happen. The word of God tells us as much. Men will cry, peace, peace and there never will be peace.

Those who have their eyes open are jaded by politicians, politics and their fanciful but hopeless politicing. Politicians and politics are not the answer. The answers don't come from within.

The answers, come from Jesus.

Religion and religious people have contributed to this messed up world for sure. But do you throw the baby out with the bath water?

An emphatic, no!

We are all searching for more. Something more than this existence!

Something so close but yet so far. Something far beyond wealth, status, fame, sex, drugs, music, power, idolatry, idealism, philosophy, mythology and yes even empty religiosity. People have tried all of these substitutes before and they are not happy, not at peace, but joyless and empty!

Did John Lennon, Princess Diana, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, that German billionaire who committed suicide because his net worth was cut in half during the recession, seem at peace, seem content?

Looks like they were looking, for much more!!

Do Kanye West, Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton, Donald Trump, David Letterman and Oprah, can't forget Oprah, seem at peace to you, full of joy, contentment?

Looks like they are looking, for much more!!!

If you looking for more, look to Jesus!!