Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glee Sells Sex, Sex Sells GQ

Okay, directors and creators of Glee! If it's publicity you craved, you got it. In this media driven world any kind of publicity is good publicity, I suppose!

Now, as a guy I find the recent GQ pictorial spread of some of the cast members of Glee absolutely ridiculous! The executives at GQ are obviously intelligent and are in the business of selling magazines. Today, sex is used to sell almost everything from cars to toothpaste, from boats to gum. But is there a line that we have crossed?

In my opinion GQ and Glee have collectively dropped the ball. GQ is using the old and obviously not original school girl in a uniform fantasy fetish, that men and I suppose women are suppose to find titillating, no pun intended. School girls are a common theme in pornography!!

Furthermore, even though these actors are over 18 or 21 or 24, they are posing in their Glee characters in a school setting!! Come on, standing at a locker in your underwear, sucking or licking a lollipop with an open mouth? Why is this imagery even necessary????

Regardless of the fact that the precious teens and pre-teens who follow this program may or may not be reading GQ, these pictures will be plastered all over the internet where children and perverts have easy access.

Who cares if Britney and others have already played the sexy school girl in uniform to a tee? Boundaries keep getting pushed, then we wonder why child molesters and others rule the day.

As for the women out there that support these types of pictures (the male is fully clothed) ...... give your head a shake. You are just eating what you have been force fed all these years!!!

Was this the goal of feminism? No, just a bit of publicity for good old Glee and GQ.