Monday, January 16, 2012

Dollar Droppers!!

Did you ever notice that some people are dollar droppers? What do I mean by dollar droppers? Well, during conversations they must make reference to the cost of personal and not so personal items. The cost of their house, their salary, the cost of their cruise, the worth of their jewellery, the cost of their child's education, is all disclosed without the bat of an eyelash.

Really, do I need to know how much your future son-in-law makes or how much the engagement ring costs? Your wife's salary, is really none of my business. Your child's braces cost how much? Oh, I don't remember asking, but I know you'll tell me anyway.

I never would have known that your new fur lined leather jacket or your new skinny jeans cost that much, even though knowing now has made my life complete.

Blah$, blah$, blah$, blah$, blah$, blah$, blah$!Oh well, my bagel cost a buck fifty, so there, take that!