Thursday, July 9, 2009

Human gods?

With the recent tragic deaths of Michael Jackson and Steve McNair of NFL football fame, there are some interesting questions being posed. How do we remember celebrities and sports heroes in death? What legacy do these famous icons leave behind? The polished accolades of a shining star or the sordid details of the fallen?

Certainly over the last decade or more Michael Jackson, despite his musical legacy and genius has led a very strange life, to say the least. From the obvious over the top plastic surgery, sexual abuse allegations and subsequent trials, marriages to Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe, the births of his until recent times, mystery children, bizarre public behavior, feuding with his family etc., MJ, has left quite the dark twisted tale.

Steve McNair, the 3-time NFL Pro Bowl QB, who led his team to the Super Bowl in 2000 and NFL Co-MVP with Peyton Manning in 2003, was by all accounts an all around great guy, the favorite son of Nashville Tennessee, a family man who loved his wife and four sons, a tough no-nonsense football player, was taken tragically in a murder-suicide by of all people, his 20 year old girlfriend, tragic indeed!

Now what? Is their mythical god-like status tarnished? Do we just ignore the obvious chinks in their armour and remember only their exploits?

Or are we, the ever adoring fans, society at large, setting ourselves up for the eventual fall? We basically idolize and grant god-like status to our celebrities and sports heroes. Are we as a society not to blame for this unprecedented fame and flame out, of these bright lights?

After all, the recent tragic deaths of Michael Jackson and Steve McNair, accompanied with the twisted aftermath in each case has proved once again, that we are only human!!