Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Post

Well, there... I have finally arrived into the world of blogging. As if anyone really cares what I think, except for maybe my wife on odd days or my children on even days or maybe not, so much.

I am not even sure what I will be writing about, but from time to time I will post some of my rambling thoughts, on news items, pop culture, sports, my world and the world at large. Let's face it, these are some interesting times we live in!

For example, the whole premise of American Idol, is to vote for the best vocalist in the lineup. Fair enough, vocalists who don't make the grade are ceremoniously released. (by the way someone is making a boat load of money off this show and all of the spin off merchandise; hint last name rhymes with towel)

But people are paying over a hundred dollars a pop to go to a concert of a person (last name rhymes with tears, which is what you'll get after seeing her concert) who doesn't sing. (according to my sources, lip-synced entire concert in a big city where the Raptors play)

Interesting.... if you can't sing, you get booted off American Idol and miss out on becoming America's new pop singing sensation. Coming full circle, people then pay sweet money to see someone who doesn't sing!!

Reminds me of that old Arsenio Hall catch phrase back in the day, "things that make you want to go (say) hmmmmmm!"

There, I did it. Got that off my chest.