Monday, June 1, 2009


By now we have all heard that Scottish singing sensation, Susan Boyle, has finished second on Britain's Got Talent. There is no shame in her taking second place. She is already a winner, in the fact that she took a great risk and placed herself on the line, to the point where except for that beautiful voice, she could have been humiliated. The fact that she survived the interview process alone, is a mere miracle of human determination!

Susan would have faced may detractors along the way. We live in such a pretentious, superficial world, that fake has become the new norm. Let's face it, if Sarah Vaughan or Ella Fitzgerald were alive today, they wouldn't stand a chance, yet they are regarded as divas. Today, female vocalists have to look like fashion models or porn stars to achieve success. We can trust that the music industry will tart up, up and coming female singers, i.e., Alicia Keys, to ensure their success and of course, the almighty $$$ bottom line.

So, cut Susan some slack. She may have suffered a slight break down or responded harshly to the media in recent weeks, under intense media hype and scrutiny, but she embodies the underdog in us all!

Susan Boyle, has won for all of us!!

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