Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Agent Zero!

Old news by now, but Gilbert Arenas was suspended last week for the rest of the National Basketball Associations season, for his felony gun charge and subsequent ridiculous behavior.

His initial sorry explanation for having the unloaded guns in the locker room, was for the safety of his children. Ah, note to Gilbert, buy a safe! Next!!!

Today (Feb. 2/10), in the Washington Post, Arenas issued the obligatory apology. "While I regret a lot about this incident, letting the kids down is my biggest regret." Blah, blah, blah! No kidding!

Isn't it all double speak, anyways? After the incident and before the pending suspension, wasn't Arenas caught with his guns a blazing, so to speak? Making light of the matter by pretending to shoot teammates with his hands during an on-court huddle before a game! Yeah! Sorry! Sorry he got caught.

Actually, I feel sorry for Arenas. He was just battling back from a couple of season ending knee surgeries. Leading his team, the Wizards, in scoring and assists averages and now this.

Well Arenas, it's all on you brother. It's all on you. I guess the moniker "Agent Zero" is very appropriate.

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