Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Decision

Wow, wee!!!

The "decision" has finally been made. All the build up for the last two years has been about the free agency period of 2010, when some of the extremely talented draft class of 2003 would become free agents.

The King wants to play in New York, the greatest basketball stage on earth. The King wants to play in New Jersey, for a rich Russian and his king of rap buddy Jay-Z. The King wants to play in Chicago, in the memory and shadow of his idol Michael Jordan. The self-anointed King, according to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, wants to stay and play in Cleveland, his home state, where he is adored and worshiped like a god!!

CNN, the king of the news world, was running the headline, Breaking News .... World waits for Lebron's decision!! Are you kidding me?

Nielsen Co. estimates that 9.95 million people in the US alone watched Lebron James announce on ESPN that he's leaving Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat, making it the third-most-watched program on cable television this year.

Incredible!! Almost 10 million people!! At its peak, the ESPN broadcast was seen by 13.1 million viewers during the 9:15-9:30pm ET quarter hour in which Lebron, spilled the beans, I mean the "decision".

Now that the "decision" has been made, let's move on people. I know we won't. But at least, let's try.

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