Saturday, August 14, 2010

Water Au Naturel

So I was strolling down the road the other day and a streetcar rolled by with an ad for vitamin water and I started thinking about the absurdity of water, a pure, natural, refreshing, substance mixed with artificial flavouring and colouring then spiked with vitamins.

Is this what we have come too?

No other liquid can quench your thirst like water! Not Gatorade, Powerade, Propel, Coke, Pepsi, milk or cold apple juice, my personal favourite!

Who cares if pro athletes drink sports drinks?

Water is so important that left without it human beings would die within three to seven days. Our muscles are actually made of of seventy five percent water. But no, we have to add to natures perfection, bottle it, advertise it and consumers like sheep to the slaughter have to lap it up.

Besides, do we really need to get our vitamins from bottled water? Who knows what effect these anti-waters have on the human body anyways!! Man was able to survive for thousands of years by drinking water and look how we turned out.

Come on people, wake up, nothing beats pure water!

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